Photographed by Rebecca Devono

15 tips for fabulous photography

Written by Rebecca Devono

The dress is perfect, the weather sublime, the cake is incredible—and you will want to recall all the details. Your photographer is a crucial component of your wedding planning. Here are some thoughts and tips from a seasoned professional photographer on making your day picture perfect!

1. Find someone you like and feel comfortable with. If you feel uncomfortable with your photographer, you may not look your best in your photos.

2. Tell your photographer if you are self-conscious about anything. Arms, teeth, hair in your face, or anything that you normally notice a lot in photos. The photographer will not know unless you tell him or her.

3. Consider doing an engagement session with the same photographer who will shoot your wedding. This will give you both a chance to know each other better.

4. Make sure your photographer carries backup equipment. Accidents happen, and you want to be sure you will have photos on your wedding day.

5. Be sure to sign a contract, understand it, and make sure that all items included in your package are addressed.

6. Brides should be ready and on time for the beginning of the photos with your photographer. Running late and being stressed out is not the best way to get beautiful photos.

7. Consider getting ready and starting photos with the bride first, and then if the bridesmaids don’t get ready in time, you can still have the photos of yourself.

8. Allow yourself a few minutes between photos and the ceremony to relax. Start earlier.

9. Gals, stay away from any type of body glitter or body shimmer! When light hits glitter, it is distracting and makes the skin appear dirty. Body glitter adds to the amount of time spent retouching the photos.

10. Most photographers do not mind a list of group photos that you want taken, but leave the candid photos to them. If you are hiring photographers because you like their creativity, then trust them.

11. If you think you may have guests who will likely want to take their own version of the group photos, consider the additional time it will take to have your photographer stop between each group shot to allow for three to six people to take their own shots. When working with a tight schedule, it is very difficult to stay on time when this happens.

12. Be sure to tell anyone who is supposed to be in the group photos prior to the wedding day. Give them a specific time that you want them available for the photo. Assign a family member to remind everyone in advance.

13. Group photos should occur prior to the reception. People often take off their tie and change clothes, spill food on themselves, or are difficult to round up after the wedding.

14. Be aware of where the cake will be placed at the reception. Make sure the backdrop is attractive.

15. Relax and have FUN!