Trends, gift ideas, and other inspiration for upcoming weddings.

Plastic or Platinum?

What’s the latest trend in men’s wedding bands? It’s the QALO band—rings made from medical grade silicone and a workingman’s alternative to traditional metal wedding bands. Mark Broyles of Calvin Broyles Jewelers, West Virginia’s only authorized QALO vendor, says, “I have a lot of friends who have asked for this or who already wear a QALO wedding band. This is a band that can be interchanged with a traditional wedding band, without taking away the option of having a nice diamond or precious metal band that can be passed down through generations—although some will use this as a primary band, too.” Particularly popular among those who work in industries where a metal band can be dangerous, it won’t break the bank at a cost of under $20.


Lovely Lettering

Love the look of calligraphy but don’t have the penmanship for it? A custom-made calligraphy stamp is a good option for your return envelope. They start around $20 on

Custom Keepsake

Looking for a unique gift for that special couple? This custom engraved wooden wedding invitation from Richwood Creations in Summersville is a keepsake they will display for years to come. Just send a copy of the invitation, choose your sizes and borders, and let Richwood Creations work its magic., $51