Photographed by Carla Witt Ford

Use these tips and tricks to make your wedding a fairytale-come-true.


Bundles of twigs wrapped in roses, billowing piles of linen, and natural greenery transformed the already-elegant Erickson Alumni Center into a fairytale-come-true. “My inspiration was really the linen,” explains Misti Sims of Little Black Dress Events. “Once I chose the linen all I could think of was a garden party. I kept everything very natural and I hope I showed off what you can do with natural greenery.” The plus? Natural greenery and simple but graceful fabrics like linen are also budget-friendly and perfect for DIY. Misti offers advice for creating a fairytale of your own:

WV-Weddings-2016-1“The entrance was a favorite of mine. I think as soon as the ladies walked down the sidewalk they knew they were in for something special.”

“I hand painted the bottles in copper and rose gold to stick with the natural theme. I popped one stem in each one to add pops of colors.”

“For the branches, I painted pots copper with spray paint. There was also a lot of time spent in the woods. I brought in my friend Amanda to help with that part—she found bundles of branches and arranged them in the pots. I finished them off by tying on roses with wire the morning of the event.”

“My advice to all brides is to not get in over their heads with projects. If a planner or wedding stylist isn’t in your budget, ask for help. Have a little DIY party at your home with your girlfriends. It’s easy to get stressed about the little details so make sure you make the engagement season and planning part of your wedding fun.”