Throw a cabin fever bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. We have the recipes, decor, and DIY gifts to pull it off.

Edited by Laura Wilcox Rote
Photographed by Elizabeth Roth

It’s the moment she’s been waiting for. She’s got the ring, she loves her dress, and the date is around the corner. Now it’s time to unwind.


But everyone knows the bachelorette party isn’t just about the bride. More often than not, the bridesmaids have been looking forward to a night—or nights—of once-in-a-lifetime celebrating with their best gal, too. While bar hopping or a night out dancing may be fun, we’ve discovered more and more brides are looking for something special. In Fayette County, we’ve found one of the most beautiful, unique destinations for any celebration—The Confluence Resort. Here in the mountains, 15 miles from downtown Fayetteville, fully furnished houses with room for up to 13 people invite you to relax for a weekend—around the fire pit, in the hot tub, in a porch rocking chair, or by the fireplace. We bring you some of our favorite moments from our very own bachelorette party, from cake and drink recipes to DIY gifts and décor.

The Venue: The Confluence Resort

You’ll feel like you’re deep in the woods, but you’re just 15 miles from downtown Fayetteville in this sprawling haven of wilderness juxtaposed with luxury. It’s no secret The Confluence Resort is a favorite wedding venue of brides all across the state—these grounds have even been on the cover of WV WEDDINGS.

Setting the Scene

Chill champagne using minnow buckets filled with ice instead of your traditional silver ice buckets. Not appropriate for the bride’s theme? Try large vases, carved out pumpkins or watermelons, flowerpots, or even a wheelbarrow filled with ice—the possibilities are endless! You can also use old windows in new ways. We’ve all seen rustic window-panes used as menus, but what about as an end table or bar? Incorporate vintage barware and old bottles for added depth.

Scatter vintage board games throughout the space as fun decoration as well as an invitation to play.

DIY Gift


Make a gift card “tree” filled with gift cards to all of the bride’s favorite places.

Hot Cocoa Bar


Jazz up a cup of cocoa with additions like caramel, toffee bits, peppermint, and of course, marshmallows. Give your guests a variety of hot cocoa mixes to choose from, or make your own mix! Set up a hot plate with a tea pot so the water stays hot.

Haute Hobo Pies

Go gourmet with paninis over the campfire. You can find a camping-friendly panini press just about anywhere that sells camp supplies.

Lady of the Elder Trees

We incorporated a signature drink for our bachelorette party. Being in the woods, we were searching for something that tied back to our forest location when we came across old folklore from Denmark and Germany. The Old Lady of the Elder Trees is said to have power over the trees and appears sometimes in autumn.


Seven-Layer S’more Cake

What girl doesn’t have a love affair with chocolate? Grab a few friends (maybe even seven) and prepare for an intense baking session. We made this cake ourselves, and it was well worth the effort.

This decadent cake features all of the favorites—brownies, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, and lots of chocolate frosting with a hint of marshmallow.

Late Night Snack Bar

Make snacking simple by creating a station for cheese, crackers, hummus, and pita bread. And don’t forget to have a corner dedicated to chocolates. Tip: Purchase candies in wrappers that fit the bride’s color theme. Red? Try Kit Kats and 100 Grand. Blue? How about Dove’s chocolates and Crunch bars?

Go old-school with Jiffy Pop popcorn over the fire—inside or out. You can’t go wrong with fondue. Save a space to curl up by the fire with some of our fondue favorites: diced green apples, camembert cheese, potatoes, and bread.

Good Morning

Along with your morning drink of choice, enjoy home-made waffles with candied apples and cinnamon, or serve them with maple syrup and powdered sugar.