Try these 10 cost-saving ideas to cut excess spending and save your wallet.


Many brides can get so caught up in wedding planning that they don’t even realize they’re spending more money than needed! There are so many ways to save a little bit of cash here and there by brainstorming and exploring new options. Stay away from splurging, stick to your budget, and don’t overspend by considering these 10 ideas during your planning phase. You may be able to use that extra money to add some luxury to your honeymoon!

1. Want a multi-tiered cake, but don’t want to fork over a lot of dough? Have your bakery decorate Styrofoam tiers and serve sheet cake.

2. Serve meatless hors d’oeuvres. No one will say, “where’s the beef?”

3. Having a sit down dinner? Serve sirloin instead of filet mignon. It’s cheaper.

4. When choosing your wedding date, think about choosing an off-peak month or day. Consider marrying on a Friday or Sunday.

5. Decorate your cake with real flowers instead of sugar roses. Real flowers are less expensive.

6. Love flowers and greenery? Choose potted green plants like ferns, philodendrons, or ficus trees. They serve as a lush and inexpensive filler.

7. Think about state parks when choosing your venue. They provide a stunning back drop that only nature could provide and won’t cost you an arm and leg.

8. Shrink the size of your wedding party, or go at it alone and put the focus on you and the groom.

9. Use bigger tables, requiring fewer centerpieces.

10. Skip the champagne toast and serve beer, wine, and a signature cocktail instead of offering up a full bar.